The Path to Self Empowerment

The Path to Self Empowerment

This memoir is a tribute to women seeking their purpose, urging them to embrace their true selves. It offers a candid, nurturing, spiritual, and deeply felt exploration. ‘The Path to Self Empowerment – My Meditations with Grandma’ serves as a vital guide for women aspiring to harness their strength.

Are you on your path to self empowerment?’

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Kind words from lovely people

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is honest, courageous, upbeat, laced with light humor, discusses in beneficial, productive ways, a huge range of experiences, and I love Tenaz's (non-guru) interactive approach. Although I am not into chakras, I was struck by so much that is valuable, insightful, relevant to our lives, which touched me at a deep level -- awesome and useful steps to both spiritual and practical growth as human beings. In addition to meditation, Tenaz speaks of four keys to self-empowerment: acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, and self-love. But in addition, her whole book is a living, breathing testament to also loving, helping, and empowering each other. A very worthwhile, practical, book that helps us to break the shackles that keep us from realizing our best potential. Thank you, Tenaz!

Although the book is targeted mainly for women, the insights described are relevant to anyone – male, female, or otherwise - who has experienced emotional trauma in their past and continues to suffer from its ill-effects. In this story of self-reflection through meditation, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way, you will unlock the four keys on the path to self-empowerment: acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, and self-love. You will find that our purpose, the answers we seek, are found within each of us. Some important takeaways that I personally got from reading the book are:

  • Quieten your mind and the noise of the world around you
  • Face your fears and heal
  • Emerge as their true and authentic version of yourself
  • Live a life of contentment

In Tenaz’s case, her purpose now is promoting 'Healing through Story-Telling'

This book is a honest, genuine and raw memoir. Very captivating and packed with a wealth of information for anyone seeking to expand their spiritual prowess. Highly recommend it!

Very informative and heart touching! Was simply amazed.

Meet Tenaz

Tenaz grew up on the east coast of the United States. In her life’s journey of struggles and challenges, she found that Self Empowerment is the only way to come out on the other side of fear. She now lives in the Houston suburbs where she pursues her purpose to channel and guide using the power of Emotional Intelligence. The Path to Self-Empowerment: My Meditations with Grandma is her first book.

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The Path to Self Empowerment

“This book is for all those women who want to emerge as the true version of themselves and then empower others.”

As women, we are so unique and so similar at the same time, playing so many different roles in life. Sometimes, however, we can become so wrapped up in our struggles and what life expects of us that we lose touch with our divine feminine self. We need something to remind us of our power.

Author, speaker, and mentor Tenaz Sunavala has seen life from top to bottom, both materially and spiritually. Her journey is one of profound self-discovery and wisdom.

In The Path to Self-Empowerment, Tenaz shares her life lessons and meditations, which led her to find the four keys of life: acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, and self-love. In her debut book, she shows us how we can discover these keys for ourselves on our own path to self-empowerment.

Honest, spiritual, warm, and heartfelt, The Path to Self-Empowerment is essential reading for women who want to step into their power.

The Path to Self Empowerment

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